Customer Service - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my shoes dyed?

Answer: If you choose to have your shoes dyed by an independent shoe dye service, our suggestions may help make your experience a positive one. Please keep the following tips in mind before dyeing your shoes:

Allow a minimum of two weeks for the process.

Choose a qualified, full-service shoe repair shop that has extensive experience dyeing shoes, and a clear guarantee policy.

Bring with you a fabric swatch (at least 3" x 3") of the color you want to match.

Also bring with you the test fabric swatch that comes with dyeable shoes. The shoe repair shop will dye the swatch so you can approve the results before dyeing your shoes.

Inform the shoe repair shop of the lighting at your event. Colors may change between indoor and outdoor light, so be sure you approve the test swatch in appropriate lighting.

If your party has several pairs of shoes to dye for the same event, we strongly recommend dyeing them all at the same time and place for uniformity.

Shoe dyes will bleed or stain when exposed to moisture. Ask your shoe repair to use a water- and stain-repellent spray on them to avoid water damage. Be aware that shoes cannot be dyed again after a repellent treatment.

Agree on the price and the date they will be completed prior to having your shoes dyed.

If you would prefer not to go through the dyeing process, the Dyeables brand offers select styles in a variety of colors. They worked with top bridesmaid dress designers to offer each season's most popular colors.

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